Collodi Park, live the adventures of Pinocchio!

From our family hotel in Tuscany you can easily reach the Collodi Park, where every fantasy becomes reality.
We all read as children Pinocchio's story, lost in the belly of the great white shark or in the magical Toyland, and now there is a chance live inside the story and see Pinochio's life with your eyes.

The Pinocchio Park in Collodi created will give your children a unique experience. They can wander through the streets of the park that recreate the

atmosphere of the tale of the famous puppet.


This is not only an amusement park, but it will make you discover the art and culture that underlies Pinocchio as a very important book in italian literature. Museums and exhibitions await you in the park assuring you and your children a special afternoon.

Particularly striking is the Piazzetta of Mosaics, where one can read the story of the wooden puppet impressed in a four walls long work of art by Venturino Venturi, an Italian sculptor and painter.

During the year there are many events and activities that take place in the Collodi Park, among which there are theater workshops and machining workshops of masks, puppet decorating and building classes, exhibitions, events of enrichment of language and activities for children of all ages, able not only to entertain, but also to fascinate them and give them moments of culture and growth.

A gift that you can make choosing hotels to children in Montecatini, where the park is easily accessible. Once back in the comfort of your room you will find the suitable climate to continue with a special relaxing evening.

The Collodi Park is located only 15 km from our hotel and you can reach it safely by car. More information can be found on the park's official website