A family hotel going back four generations

In 1908 a wealthy French family of hoteliers decided to build, in the center of Montecatini, the Hotel de France, imbuing it with the famous Liberty style that also inspired the city's Terme Tettuccio.

In 1920 the hotel was acquired by the Giusfredi family that, after four generations, still today manages the Grand Hotel Francia & Quirinale with the same special attention one would offer a private residence. Guests continue to be welcomed as if they are old friends.

Throughout the years many distinguished personages from the fields of television, stage and sport have honored us with their presence. Among them have been Tiziano Ferro, Antonello Venditti, Robert Plant, Rutger Hauer, Fiona May and Valentina Vezzali. The opera star Aurora Banfi has lodged with us. The queen of the theater, Rossella Falk, and the actresses Adriana Asti, Eva Herzigova, Eva Riccobono and Martina Stella have enjoyed stays with us.

Never has our hotel lost its allure as a marvelous place where one can experience an authentic warmth and exceptional hospitality.

Truly a home

Today the Grand Hotel Francia & Quirinale is still the home of Signora Anna Maria Nencini Giusfredi and her daughter Alessandra.

It is not uncommon to find Signora Alessandra welcoming guests at the entrance to the hotel—her hand stretched out in a sign of welcome and her smile beaming with delight—just as true home owner of past generations did before her.

During the day you can find her scurrying about from one room to another. Her lighthearted good humor appears to imbue her spirit with an appreciation for all the things surrounding her. She checks to see that the fresh flowers are set just right in their vases. She carefully arranges the book shelves where grand volumes of Art and History are set out for guests to consult. The silverware from another time has been polished to be later served with tea and coffee. The famous Ginori porcelain is availed of to offer the most accurate place settings for guests. Candles are alighted in the evenings to stage a touch of romanticism in the atmosphere.

It does not matter much that the entrance to the hotel is in a rare Moroccan pearled marble, and that its floor is paved with antique sessile oak just as is found in the noble Tuscan palaces. Everything here has the sweet fragrances of home.

The Art Collection

Looking around you, you can catch sight of both modest and outstanding jewels of Art. These all have been verified by art experts, and they are part of the collection that our family has accumulated over the years. They have been attentively put on display in the hotel's rooms and its common areas.

The sketches created with Indian ink by the grand artist Fattori, the fabulous Steinway grand piano with which Bocelli graced our guests with memorable musical evenings, an enormous 17th century hanging tapestry that backdrops the bar, and a dainty Venus from 200 BC is at the center of the tables.

Every detail speaks the language of a family that has, as its passion, benefited from the honest use of the word Hospitality and the display of its art collection.