Your Welcome

Anna Maria and Alessandra: our hosts

The Grand Hotel Francia & Quirinale has a special atmosphere of elegance, and an attention to detail and hospitality, that make it really feel like home. That’s because the owners live here and are present every day, warming each room with their laughter, careful gestures, and snippets of life.

Genuine smiles light up the faces of Signora Anna Maria Nencini Giusfredi and her daughter Alessandra, the keepers of our hearth with an unmistakable style. In full working harmony, this mother and daughter charm all at first meeting: they’re both ladies from another time, as well as impeccable hosts, who welcome every guest like a family friend. 


The Giusfredis and their hotel mirror each other: the Grand Hotel Francia & Quirinale is indeed an exclusive, beautiful structure, but more than anything, it’s a family affair. And has been for four generations.


The smiles of our staff

At the Grand Hotel Francia & Quirinale hospitality goes with continuity: most of our staff have worked with us for many years, if not decades, imbuing each room with an authentic welcome. Every staff member knows they are part of the Francia & Quirinale family, and dedicate their day to making each guest’s stay special.

Because as a family, we do everything we can to really welcome our visitors like old friends. As well as their friendliness, our staff are known for their professionalism and ability to understand the personality of those they meet, meeting their needs accordingly.

Roberto: barman

When you stop by the bar for an aperitif, Roberto, our expert barman since 1990, will always show his best smile, welcoming every request with full attention. From crushing the sugar for a Capiroska to some shaker acrobatics for a Moscow Mule, he has learned to decipher expressions and faces, having a chat at the bar or quietly serving excellent cocktails, depending on who he meets. Courtesy and discretion are his watchwords.


Fabio: front desk manager

For more than 30 years, Fabio has been welcoming our guests, always with the same devotion to make each stay perfect, even if it’s just for one night. A real local of Montecatini Terme, he likes running, and loves to see the wonder on a guest’s face as he anticipates each request, foreseeing the unpredictable.

Martina: sales & marketing

Starting as a receptionist in 2012, Martina is now responsible for sales, and an insatiable reader of all things to do with travel. Her greatest satisfaction is to find collaborations that are good for the Grand Hotel Francia & Quirinale and combine her own intuitive experience. She loves Florence as it reminds her of her hometown, Prague.

Giuseppe: the maître d’hôtel

Giuseppe is another pillar of the Grand Hotel Francia & Quirinale. He has worked here since 1986, first as a commis waiter and since 2003 he has been managing our main restaurant as maître d’hôtel. Over the course of his long career he has seen how tourism has changed and has forged his own style of hospitality, to make each stay unforgettable. He happily shares the secrets of his work with the team, even if every day for him is just a sneak preview: he’ll be treading the boards of Francia & Quirinale, recommending some memorable wines to go with your meal.