Thermal baths and wellbeing

The waters—belonging to a type that is composed of salt, sulfate and alkaline—surge upwards from 60-80 meters below the surface. As the waters rise to the top, they run a course that has them pass through great quantities of mineral salts. It is for these reasons that the waters can cure the intestines and liver. The waters also give energy to one's physique, and they enrich the beauty of the skin. The waters gush out from four springs, and these are also fed by other sources. The waters are divided into hard water (Leopoldina spring), medium water (Regina spring) and soft water (Tettuccio and Rinfresco).

The thermal water establishments, many of them rigorously designed in the Liberty style, are enclosed in a splendid Thermal Park surrounded by greenery. This is the perfect ambiance to take hot baths, face and body beauty treatments, and slimming mud and drainage massages.

The location is good, a few minutes walk to the centre of Montecatini, which is a lovely town Debbie S TripAdvisor