Hot Springs Tuscany

Relax yourself and let Tuscany do the job

Tuscany is famous for its hot spring. Many tourists come every year to relax on the pools of hot water and to take advantage of their benefits. Montecatini is one of the most famous hot springs in Tuscany, and is ready to welcome you thanks with its many spas and services related to wellness.

Hot springs in Tuscany are well known for one specific reason: their healing and soothing powers. For example inhalation therapy and drinking treatments, are proven medical programmes, they soothes the stomach and other internal organs, cure gastro enteric problems and purify the liver. The benefits accorded to the warm sulphurous waters were also known by the Etruscans and Romans, that were hot springs lovers.

Taking a bath in Montecatini’s hot springs is also very healthy for the skin and for the mind. Imagine an afternoon sitting in a pool of hot, natural water, surrounded by steam and cuddled by water pouring on your shoulders, gently massaging your back. Or dedicate an entire morning to your health by enjoy a spa treatment, with massages, infusions and aroma-therapy.

In Montecatini Terme you can find the best hot springs of Tuscany, and Grand Hotel Francia & Quirinale is there to welcome you. Check out our offers and agreements with local spas or ask our staff for best way to enjoy your relaxing holiday in Tuscany.