Montecatini Terme with kids

Activities for families in Tuscany

Montecatini Terme is a Tuscan city ideal for a family holiday. Adults can enjoy pleasant moments of well-being in the thermal spas, among which Terme Tettuccio stands out for its wonderful architecture. Couples can go for a walk in the woods of Valdinievole and treat their selves to a romantic aperitif in a nice bar of the city center.

Children find in Montecatini Terme and its surroundings many activities and theme parks for their free time. If you stay in Tuscany with your children, you can’t miss the Collodi Park, one of the most visited attractions for families. Just 15 km from our 4-star hotel, it recreates the environments of the fairy adventures of the puppet Pinocchio. Between the Cat and the Fox, the frightening whale and the angelic fairy, fun is guaranteed for all ages. For a day full of nature, instead, head to the Pistoia zoo, just 20 minutes away by car. Here your children can closely observe many exotic and fascinated animals: lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants and many others.

If you do not want to move a lot, enjoy the family-friendly city of Montecatini Terme: our spas often accept children and guarantee play spaces and a professional staff. A few steps away from the Grand Hotel Francia & Quirinale is also Termeland with trampolines, inflatables, water games, bumper cars and activities for children.

An appealing attraction both for parents and children is the cable railway connecting the center of Montecatini with its highest part. The infrastructure dates back to the end of the 19th century, and despite the subsequent changes, it retains an amazing identity. Along the way you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Tuscan countryside, while on top your eyes will embrace the whole valley and the town. The children have fun at 1000 meters high, safe on Gigio and Gigia, names of the two wagons.

Montecatini Terme is ideal for a holiday with children in Tuscany, between nature and fun​.

Thermal baths hotel Montecatini

Wellness weekend in Tuscany

Montecatini Terme is the ideal city to treat yourself to a weekend of pleasure and wellbeing in Tuscany. Our thermal baths are famous all over the world for the healthy properties of the water and the Liberty architecture of buildings.

Since the time of the Ancient Romans the tangible benefits of baths on body and spirit were known. The mineral composition of our waters makes them true panacea to purify and tone specific parts of the human body.

If you are looking for a hotel for your weekend at the thermal baths, the 4-star Grand Hotel Francia & Quirinale is the best solution. We are a short distance from the major thermal water establishments, we can recommend the most suitable treatments for you and offer special packages for your relaxation. In the Thermal Park in the city center, in fact, the available treatments are many and different: from massages and mud to drinking-water therapies.

During your wellness weekend at the thermal baths, do not miss a little fun: Montecatini Terme offers everything you need for a pleasant holiday in Tuscany. Go for some shopping in the most exclusive boutiques of the city town, admire the amazing view from the highest point of Montecatini Terme, give yourself a tasty waffle, a typical local dessert.

Ask for more information at Francia & Quirinale, your hotel for thermal baths in Tuscany.

Trekking in Valdinievole

The area of Valdinievole that stretches from Montecatini Terme to Collodi and up to the mountains of Pistoia, is ideal for walkers and hikers. Even if you’re a casual hiker, you’ll get a lot out of walking through real Tuscan nature, breathing in pure country air, stopping to catch some birdsong through the greenery.

Not to mention the beautiful scenery you’ll encounter along your chosen route. If you like bird watching, make sure to bring a good pair of binoculars and some patience and you’ll be rewarded with sights of native birds in their natural habitat. Here are our recommendations for some of the best-known hiking routes in Valdinievole, suitable even for beginners. Remember to avoid the hottest days for your trip around Montecatini Terme and always wear suitable shoes for the steeper paths.

Duration: 2 or 3 days

La "Corta"

The well-worn route to the town of Montecatini Alto, this is also the most pleasant. It does demand some effort with some uphill parts, but you’ll be rewarded with breath-taking views. One route we recommend starts at the pine forest at Montecatini Terme, looping back around: after a section that includes some good bird watching, head up along the “Via dell’Amore”, a green-filled path of local bush and sounds of nature which leads you to Montecatini Alto.

After a rest stop, go back to the valley along the “Corta” which runs beside the picturesque funicular. This historic path is still used as part of the Via Crucis, marking the stops along the ways of the Cross. With olive trees, woods and slopes this is a hike you’ll remember.

Cammino di San Jacopo 

Do you know the charm given off by ancient paths that, between delicate flat stretches and refined hilly shapes, cross timeless villages and castles? In Montecatini Terme it is the path of San Jacopo that offers the tempting prospect of experiencing nature through such a landscape, whose path connects Florence to Lucca and then joins the famous Via Francigena. Montecatini Terme, located on the route from Pistoia to Pescia, is also crossed by the path.

Already at the beginning of the stretch in the Pistoia area, it is possible to grasp the attraction of the path thanks to a splendid view from Colle Giaccherino (formerly Colle Lucense), from which the Francigena pilgrims saw, for the first time after the many kilometers traveled, the bell towers and towers of the Little Santiago. Continuing the walk, surrounded by areas little frequented by human beings, we arrive at the village of Serravalle, from whose towers it is possible to admire the unfolding of the Way of San Jacopo in the distance.

After crossing the splendid early medieval parish church of San Pietro “in Neure”, we arrive in Montecatini Terme, an important hub of the route where the historic spas and the city center fuel the charm of such a rich and varied scenery. The Castle of Buggiano, Stignano, La Costa and Uzzano are the other splendid stages that separate Montecatini from Pescia, a splendid town with a delightful historic center and a beautiful Cathedral.

The section from Pistoia to Pescia is about 29.6 km long; at the highest point, in correspondence of Uzzano, 300 meters above sea level are reached. The walk is recommended for all those who already have experience in trekking.

Via della Fiaba 

As its name suggests, the Via della Fiaba (Path of Fairy Tale) is ideal if you’re out for a walk with children: it’s not a difficult trail and it follows in the footsteps of the much-loved Pinocchio. Leave from the centre of Pescia, head up to the hills of Monte a Pescia until you reach the castle of Collodi, the upper part of the town made famous by Carlo Collodi, the author who penned the tale of the puppet who wanted to become a boy. From this point you start to descend into the lower part of the town, where, if the weather is nice, you should visit the Garden of Villa Garzoni, the Butterfly House and the Pinocchio Park.

From Collodi return to Pescia through Marsalle and Pietra Munita. Along the way you’ll enjoy different landscapes: on one side, classic Tuscan nature with olive groves crossed by the streams, on the other the medieval town of Pescia. This is a pleasant trip for adults and children staying at Montecatini Terme and area.

Useful tips:

  • What to wear: practical clothing, preferably in cotton or active-wear, hiking books, sun hat;
  • What to bring: binoculars and a good supply of water especially on hotter days.


Excursions in Tuscany: trekking in Valdinievole Recommended by Francia & Quirinale

Events in Montecatini Terme and surroundings

Montecatini Terme is a lively and surprising place in Tuscany. Known throughout the world as one of the capitals of well-being, during the year many interesting festivals and events take place here.

The staff of the Grand Hotel Francia & Quirinale suggests unmissable events in Montecatini Terme and its surroundings.


Fairy Valdinievole

Explore the area of Valdinievole, home to Montecatini Terme and other enchanting places, where nature, culture and a little touch of magic give an indescribable air to the landscape.

Start your tour in Collodi, at the theme park dedicated to Pinocchio, the puppet who wanted to become a boy. He was the creation of local author Carlo Lorenzini (also known as Carlo Collodi). Visit Padule di Fucecchio to take in some pristine nature and observe protected species in their natural habitat. Finish off your visit in the town of Vinci, technically just outside the Valdinievole area, but historically part of it. This is the birthplace of the great Leonardo da Vinci.

Duration: 1 or 2 days


As well as being the birthplace (and nameplace) of to the father of Pinocchio, Collodi is a medieval town of special beauty. Walk up the panoramic hill it stands on and let your senses be enchanted by the intense green and scents of freshly-squeezed olive oil from the surrounding groves. Retrace the childhood locations of Carlo "Collodi" Lorenzini, before he grew up and became forever associated with the adventures of Pinocchio.

After seeing the town, visit the enchanted park dedicated to the boy-puppet where you can let yourself daydream between lush nature and creations of famous architects. These modern-day attractions, modelled on the legendary characters of the Blue Fairy, the Cat and the Wolf have a timeless charm.

Padule di Fucecchio  

Just 30 km from Montecatini Terme is the Padule di Fucecchio, a hidden oasis for the protection of biodiversity. This is the largest marsh basin in Italy with more than 200 hectares of reserve to explore. Go for a walk among plants that date back to ancient times, having found their ideal habitat here, along with water lilies and ferns.

Stay completely still and you’ll get close to beautiful specimens of rare birds: during nesting periods the reserve is populated by more than 200 different species. This park was once owned by the Medici family, and today, as well as walking and bird watching, you can take a guided tour or glide over the water in picturesque "barchini”.


Although not geographically part of the Valdinievole area, Vinci is considered as part of the area for historical and cultural reasons. Head up to the slopes of Montalbano and lose yourself in this ancient village protected by vineyards, olive groves and terraces among the green hills of Tuscany. Visit the spots where the future genius Leonardo da Vinci would walk every day, breathe in the same air. One stop you should not miss is the Museo Leonardiano, which is home to the largest collection of the great master’s models and inventions. The museum space, the Uzielli palace and the castle of the Guidi Counts, a majestic medieval fortification, are other reasons to buy a ticket. Finish off your tour of Vinci at Anchiano, where Leonardo's Birthplace still stands intact. In this modest country home, between the sketches of genius and the traces of his life, you will come to understand the indissoluble link between his art and his birthplace.

Useful tips:

  • What to taste: a slice of local bread with excellent local extra-virgin olive oil with some classic Tuscan dishes;
  • What to sip: a glass of the excellent Chianti Montalbano DOGC and, in summer, a fresh IGT Toscana white.


Excursions in Tuscany: Fairy Valdinievole Recommended by Francia & Quirinale